Tips for wearing tape in hair extensions.

Tips for wearing tape in hair extensions.

Step 1: You must clean your hair and hair extensions. Note that you can only use shampoo, not conditioner.

Step 2: Remove the adhesive tape from the tape in hair extension, align the extension directly into a row, and press it onto the desired hair.

Step 3: Add a layer at the bottom to double the thickness.
Step 4: The two sticky faces face each other, with the hair part in the middle, like a sandwich. Please note that there are approximately 50-80 hairs attached to them. If there is too much hair, the stickiness of the tape will be affected.
Step 5: Please note that once the hair has formed, use your iron to perm it at low temperatures. Please control the temperature within 350-380 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not use excessive temperatures, as they may cause the adhesive tape to melt.

Finally, heat the tape for 5-6 seconds, repeat for 5-6 times, and your hair will become thick and dense.


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