Various details about tape in hair extensions

Various details about tape in hair extensions

Tape in hair extensions are pre taped and then taped onto both sides of your hair. Generally, it is necessary to align the tape with the root and then use a heating tool to heat the tape. When removing, it is necessary to use (adhesive remover) and then reinstall it.

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Note that when heating your hair roots and any adhesive products, it may damage your hair.

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This process takes approximately 40 minutes to 1 hour, and can be reused if the hair is properly cared for.

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When using tape in hair extensions, be particularly careful when shampooing as it can cause the tape to loosen or slip.

This is a very common issue with tape in hair extensions. Make sure the tape continues to stick to your hair and you can design your hairstyle as you please, as they are made from real human hair.

Tape in hair extensions are generally semi permanent, and they will last for 1-2 months before they need to be removed, depending on the level of care you provide to the hair.


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